Walgreens giving flu shots
Walgreens giving flu shots

All of our staff are trained in CPR and First Aid and several of our staff are trained in administering medication including insulin injections. Trained staff takes blood pressures, pulses, and weighs our participants on a regular basis.  A registered nurse comes to our center once a month to take participants’ vitals, listen to health concerns, and will contact the participant’s doctor if necessary.  The nurse educates our participants on various health topics.

Walgreens comes to Common Sense Services once a year to offer flu shots to any participant and caregiver who is interested in receiving one.

Common Sense Services offers individual and group exercise programs:

Common Sense Services offers a daily group structure exercise program. There are many benefits to this program which include:

  • helps maintain the ability to live independently at home
  • helps maintain healthy bones, joints, & muscles
  • helps prevent falls
  • can help reduce blood pressure for those with hypertension
  • reduces anxiety & depression
  • helps control joint swelling and pain associated with arthritis
  • helps people with their symptoms from heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions

Our exercise program includes:

  • relaxation exercise
  • gentle stretching
  • resistive exercise
  • balance exercise
  • aerobics which include walking, chair dancing, and marching

At Common Sense Services we offer individualized exercise:

  • riding bike for upper extremities or lower extremities
  • working on home exercise program developed by a physical therapist
  • going for individual walks