“At Common Sense Services, we are forever friends.”

“All the staff at Common Sense Services really care about us and want us to have a good time at the center.”

“I like that we are able to do activities of our choice. We have Town Hall meetings and discuss what activities and outings we would like to have at Common Sense Services.”

“We are like family to each other at Common Sense Services.”

“The staff is easy to approach to discuss any problems we are having at Common Sense Services.”


“No one ever expects that their world can change in an instant. I am here to tell you that it happened to my family. We found ourself in need of round the clock care for my husband, age 56 unexpectedly and literally overnight.”

“Years ago my father began suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. He went to Common Sense Services 10 years ago. It was a God send for my mother. She needed a break from caregiving. Dad was taken care of very well. When we found my husband needed care – the only place I thought of was Common Sense Services.”

“My husband has been in caring hands of Common Sense Services for more than two years. I am at peace every day while he is in their care. I know he is kept safe, busy, fed, and most importantly, treated as an individual. He is valued for who he is. Common Sense Services means the world to us.”